Chinese Textile Machinery Manufacturer Unveils Latest Technologies

After the elimination of global quota system, the textile industry is booming at a rocket speed. The world is on a new path of industrial revolution. The textile hubs like China, India, Pakistan and many more are emerging rapidly among the western counterparts. Analysts are anticipating more growth with latest technologies in Textile Machineries. The textile machinery manufacturing hubs like China, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and India have already dived in immense competition to make and offer best technologies in textile machineries. The Chinese textile manufacturers are developing some of the best answer in technical aspects of textile industry, along with very competitive prices.

Yuyao Textile Machinery Co. Ltd. is among the most excellent textile machinery manufactures in the world from China, located in Yuyao City of Ningbo Municipality, Zhejiang Province, which is know as a celebrated place with splendid cultural legacy and features a good geographical position and a top convenient traffic facility.

le Machinery Association. Our company engages in the professional designing of the fabric testing and packing projects, in the building of the automatic heat shrink PE-FILM packing machines and serial fabric inspection machines, serial fabric rolling machines and the doubling and folding machines, all of which boast a high Sci-Tech content and stable performance, winning keen appreciations of the users, recognized as the most advanced textile machinery at home for the present time.